Card. Flowers. Brunch Come on people, the woman gave birth to you!  She endured 3 months of nausea (and possibly vomiting in public…), plus a further 6 months feeling fat, hungry and tired. Then she had to squeeze you out and look after you for all eternity.

No matter if your budget is small or endless, here’s 5 Mothers Day Gifts I know most of you will want to keep for yourself!

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1# Get Shit Done Notebook + Wallet from MiGOALS

A6 “Get Shit Done” Notebook $5.95
Matching Wallet for your Notebook $29.95

For the stationary lover and list maker. It’s a little A6 Get Shit Done Minimal Notebook which includes a “to do list” for when you are on the run and have to… Get Shit Done (hahaha).

This is so handy. I swear I use it all the time and it’s permanently in my handbag!

I’ve also suggested getting mum the Get Shit Done Wallet to put it in. The wallet is super handy for credit cards, money, receipts and to keep your notebook looking new. It gives the notebook a professional edge and looks uber-cool.

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Anything from MiGOALS qualifies as a mothers day gift you’ll want to keep yourself!  So grab two and get free shipping (as well as 10% off for your first order. #winning

Mum loves getting shit done!
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Wait! You might like to check what else I found for mum first…


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#2 Bucket List Journal from MiGOALS

Price: $29.95 AUD
Shipping: Free Shipping when you spend over $50 (Australia only). Ships Worldwide.

Bucket List can be any list of things you’d like to complete in this lifetime, but I find it extremely useful for planning travel destinations and attractions.

If mum is a traveller or dreams of places she’d love to travel to she’d love a Bucket List Journal from MiGOALS.

The Bucket List Journal is slightly addictive…!

I discovered it’s an awesome way of not just dreaming of travelling but activating the goal and planning out the journey.

Actually my bucket list has turned in to a personal TripAdvisor list at my fingertips!

In my opinion, we should all have a Bucket List Journal!  And this is why it’s on my top 5 Mothers Day gifts you’ll want to keep yourself.

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Wait a minute… my ultimate Mothers Day Gift is below…


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#3 Luxe Statement Cuff from Little Wing

Price: $180.00 AUD (and worth every penny!)
Shipping: Free Shipping (Australia). Worldwide Shipping.

A Little Wing cuff will be difficult to pass on to mum for Mothers Day. You’ll have to close your eyes and hand it over quickly. And you might be asking to borrow it from time to time!

It’s hip, luxe and earthy at the same time. (Never thought I’d throw all those words in one sentence until now.)

A Little Wing cuff will be difficult to pass on to mum for Mothers Day. You’ll have to close your eyes and hand it over quickly.


The cuffs are handcrafted using ethically sourced fancy feathers and a leather wrist strap with adjustable snap close button. The natural feather colours and patterns are matched with suede or plain leather in brown, black, gold, silver and tan.

The brand comes with it’s own beautiful story of sister-in-laws, family, fame and fun.  The story would make perfect Mothers Day brunch conversation!  You can read about it in my interview with its creators here.

My gift to you: I have a secret code you can use for an extra 10% off. Use code mumlove at checkout.

Good to know: Comes in a stunning black box with care instructions and a brush (to keep it looking fancy).

I’m in love… take me to shop the cuff of MUMS dreams
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Want to know what I got my mum? #4 was my gift to mum.


photo by Society of Now

#4 New Season Boots from Jo Mercer

Price $229.95 AUD
Shipping: Free Shipping (Australia). Worldwide shipping.

Who wouldn’t want shoes gifted to them!  #SaidNoWomenEver

So, this is what I got my mum for Mothers Day. It ticks all the boxes for me and I know it will for mum!

Why I bought my mum Jo Mercer Boots for Mothers Day:

  • The Aphex Dress Ankle Boots are on-trend in a classic way that mum will feel fab in.
  • They have a super comfortable block heel that’s not too high… but high enough to give it impact.
  • The stretch-knit look is a massive trend in boots right now. Its also supportive but not tight – perfect.
  • Jo Mercer is a trusted brand and her shoes are always well constructed.
  • Mum lives in New Zealand so I had them shipped straight to her. OMG can you imagine her receiving a parcel from her daughter… opening it to find a pair of boots! #winning #browniepoints (NZ shipping $18).

Shopping Tip: Jo Mercer are running a dangerous promo where you get 50% off your second pair! Eeeek!

You got me at ‘shoes’
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But before you go – I have one more (well actually there’s four!)…


photo by Kara L Way Photography

#5 The Ultimate Coffee Table Book

Price: $26.99 – $180
Shipping: $5.99 (Australia).

I know gifting a book might sound dull or unimaginative. But I’m not talking about your usually suspense thriller or romance novel. I’m talking fancy and beautiful books that mum can place on her coffee table or bedside.

I hope some of my friends are reading (fyi…my birthday is September…)…  I’m obsessed with staking designer books on coffee tables, my desk, my bedside, my side table… Getting the picture?

It’s a bit of an investment to purchasing beautiful book on Chanel or Dior, but it’s something I would love to be gifted myself! So, I think there’s some mums out there that would love these too (my mum included!).


Dymocks have an awesome selection! Here’s 5 of my favourite picks for mum:

  1. CHANEL · Catwalk (by Patrick Mauriès) $119.99 (pictured above)
  2. LOUIS VUITTON · The Spirit Of Travel (by Patrick Mauriès) $55.00
  3. SLIM AARONS · Once Upon A Time $105.00
  4. Slim Aarons · Great Escapes $26.99*
  5. the stylist’s guide to NYC (by Sibella Court) $39.99*

*Winning Tip: Grab Book #4 Slim Aarons · Great Escapes OR #5 the stylist’s guide to NYC and the MiGOALS Bucket List Journal for mums with the travel bug…

FYI… Dymocks have made it easy and put together their own top reads for mum. Check them out here.

Ready to gift mum a fancy coffee table book?
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