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Australian Fashion & Travel Blogger / Natalie Winter

A storyteller of fashion trends and journeys discovered.

THE FASHIONISTA / Immersed in fashion, Natalie Winter built her exciting fashion career with some big shot jobs under her belt!  A Fashion Buyer at 26, a Fashion Designer at 21-24, and again in her 30’s. Traveling the world for much of her time, to keep women, like yourself, well clothed! Nat works as a professional stylist in Sth East Queensland Australia.
THE TRAVELLER / What makes a holiday so epic and memorable for you?  For Nat, it’s not just the destination but it’s the journey of things discovered.   Well researched, Nat ventures off to photograph and story tell her travels, sharing best places to shop, her favourite restaurants, secret swimming spots and awesome tours to book.
Capturing her world of fashion and travel starts with her camera, and becomes a fun adventure of discovery!

Natalie Winter is proud to be an Ambassador for the League Of Extraordinary Women @theleaguewomen.

PRO STYLIST / fashion / interiors
BLOG WRITER / fashion / travel

Photos by Kara L Way Photography

THE STYLIST / Fashion /

Natalie Winter is a professional Fashion Stylist based in Sth East Queensland.  Working on commercial fashion shoots, both in-studio and on location and will travel!.



CONTRACT WORK / Fashion Design / Buying / Brand Management / 

Natalie is available for short-term contract work in the Fashion Industry.  Whether your product needs a redesign or you need help on a Management level, Natalie has the skills and expertise to assist you.

Recent Accessory Design Contract – “Redesign the range – Zurii”


THE SHOP / “I love to share what I’m wearing!”, says Natalie Winter. “My Shop contains items from my Instagram feed @societyofnow.  I pop them in to a magic APP that makes them shoppable so you can buy them! … Super nerdy, but so awesome!”


THE STYLIST / Interiors /

Natalie Winter is naturally skilled at Interior Styling, Colour Schemes, Fixtures and Fittings, Bathrooms, Kitchens and Landscapes.  Currently working on her own renovation project which you can follow here: @himherandadog

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